Applied Sciences and Humanities

The department of Applied Sciences and Humanities is there since its inception with an aim to promote the practical aspects of the engineering education. The course aims in creating and disseminating knowledge about intellectual areas between engineering and other core subjects of Applied sciences and humanities. It is a pre-professional program designed for the students who are aiming to plan their further studies in a typical subject such as chemistry, physics, biology, social science or engineering. The course gives students technical knowledge in the field of science and maths along with the features and applications of Humanities background.

Job Vista

The course offers various options to build smart career in an industrial world. It trains the students to achieve proficiency in their skills and working methods. The students can carry out the practices in the fields of quality control, industrial processes, research and development, chemical plant technology, environmental compliance and many other related areas. The clarity in the concepts of pure sciences helps achieving good results in engineering streams.

Career Picks

Applied science and humanities is one of the most promising careers for young aspirants. There is lot of career options in this area. It is a best path for those who are strongly devoted to science. Professionals in the field are uprising each day, that eventually leads to creation of lot many employment opportunities for the candidates. Professionals in this discipline of engineering can opt for teaching jobs in colleges or other institutions. Engineers can seek job in bioinformatics, biotechnology, research institutes and water conservation.