Mechanical Engineering

An engineering discipline, Mechanical Engineering is a 4-year program and has the widest applications in the industrial platforms. Termed as an effective course, the mechanical engineers make use of physics to develop, design, control, execution and maintenance of mechanical devices required in the mechanical fields. The course acquaints the students with thermodynamics, energy, fluid dynamics, mechanics and many more. Mechanical engineering is as old as the institute itself. The campus attracts rich diversity and swarm of talented students.

The course serves the best knowledge about any moving machine. The science behind the movement of the very machine is well explained with an impeccable practical knowledge and applications. Students can also opt for some additional management degrees to craft a lucrative career in management and administration.

Job Vista

A mechanical engineer can stream his efforts while choosing any of the diverse fields such as aviation, automobiles, heating and cooling systems, medical aid/surgical manufacturing, OEMs to various industries. Also, an engineer can go in for consultancy jobs, advisory services, research and development and maintenance overhauls. Public Sector companies or Govt. jobs are present to provide a secure future.

Career Picks

Mechanical Engineering education proves to be a superb pathway to build a robust and rewarding career. It helps solving problems and make people’s life smooth and more productive. It offers wide career options in any of the field such as industry, healthcare, public services, politics and academia. The field plays a significant role in providing safe and secure environment, clean water, creating new means to preserve natural resources and many more.