Computer Science & Engineering

The 4-year program, Computer Science and Technology, is that branch of engineering what deals with the aspects of both electrical engineering and computer science. It emphasizes on the designing, developing and creating applications to frame out modern and hi-tech computer systems. The scope for the same is quite vast as it deals not in developing personal computers or mobile computers but every kind of system used in virtual mode of transport nowadays. Computer based smart appliances have become the part and parcel of our daily routine. The concepts of the course help the students in achieving the excellence in computer science, computational thinking, logical reasoning, problem solving, data representation and many more.

Job Vista

Since dealing with the developing, designing, execution and controlling of a computer system, the course Computer Science and Technology offer myriad of job opportunities for the students enrolling in the same. With an uprising technology, a great sum of processing is to be carried out by the hardware itself rather than any sort of external software.

Career Picks

The job potential for a Computer Science engineer will keep on rising in near future due to unvarying developments in the sector of technology and computerization. Several Mobile devices and miniature personal computing devices have been emerged as an essential part in every person’s life. The degree holders in the course can go for System programmers, designers, analysts and network engineers.