Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication engineering, deals with an extensive study and application of electronics, electricity and electro-magnetism. The course involves the smooth transition of information via different channels such as optical fiber or coax cables. The field incorporated wide variety of aspects likes of micro-electronics, signal processing, electrical appliance, telecommunications and control systems. It encompasses the study of network graphs, incidences, circuit matrices and fundamental sets.

The course educated the students with semi-conductor device, transistors, integrated circuits, electrical components, electronic circuits, electrical tools and boards. It has a wide cover of Analog electronics, digital electronics, embedded systems, power or consumer electronics and several other related fields.

Job Vista

Electronics and Communication Engineering is regarded to be one of the rising fields of engineering sphere. It offers wonderful job opportunities to the students opting for the course. Graduates can go in for any of the fields and sub–fields related to the electronics and communications. Due to an impressive increase in the electronic items in the society, employment prospects too growing high. Thus, this course has a wide scope of building sound career.

Career Picks

The course offers wide variety of career options to the graduates in the same. One can pick up a job in the aviation and avionics, manufacturing, electricity generation and distribution, transportations, communications, computer applications, telecommunications, radio and television and offshore industries. Even the salary packages are smart enough for both the freshers and experienced.